Over the last 18 years, Readylink has grown from a pioneering ISP into a company that provides a full range of data and voice services to businesses across Rest of Tamil Nadu.

Through these services, we give businesses the capabilities they need to communicate, collaborate and pursue their long-term goals with confidence. We deliver the infrastructure businesses need to deliver critical applications and compete in a highly connected world.

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Using our Next Generation Network, our state-of-the-art NOC and our in-house expertise, we believe that we're uniquely equipped to help businesses of any size make the most of the opportunities that are now opening up.

As a specialist with experience in technology and communication services, we've had time to hone both our customer-focused service and our technical expertise.

With a long-term vision, we have a stable and secure business model and that makes us a safe long-term partner for your business. And that phrase 'long-term' is important. We're building a technological platform that can handle not just our future needs, but those of our customers too.

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A vibrant new look and feel, isn't it refreshing to upgrade with the new trend? We, at Ready link are very much in the front line and upgrade ourselves. Here is our brand new logo that is upgraded with technology.

When the technology era was full of radio frequencies (RF), we had represented it in our logo as a tower. When the technology upgraded to Digital transmissions with Optical fiber, we have relaunched our logo to replicate the latest technology.

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Why Readylink ?

Our Network Operating Centre is in Coimbatore and is one of the most elaborate set up for providing Managed Services to Customers. We have fully equipped and 24*7 manned POPs at Tirupur, Erode and Namakkal.

We have full-fledged infrastructure to deliver Bandwidth anywhere in rest of TAMIL NADU. Our NOC at Coimbatore is connected with multiple fiber from different Upstream Providers. Since our NOC is connected with multiple Upstream Providers, our customers will never experience downtime owing to backbone ring failure. Being a Class B Internet Service Provider, we have been able to cover the entire State. We have more than 500 SMB and Medium Corporate customers. We have Identified Educational Institutions as a Key Vertical and built strengths by providing total solutions to this Evergreen Sector. This has helped us extend our services to around 50 Educational Institutions (Both Engineering and Common Stream Institutions). We also have a Direct Marketing team to focus on BPO and KPO which have mushroomed around Tier II Cities in Tamil Nadu. Our Foray into Home Segment helped us to capture around 10000 High ARPU Broadband customers.

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Key Benefits

Competitive Pricing Readylink is committed to providing cost-effective, high quality services to customers in all locations. That's why we offer competitive pricing.

  • High quality, high performance network
  • 24x7 service management including out of hours call out.
  • Managed service to edge-router in customer premises
  • Dedicated bandwidth – No contention.
  • Expanding and supporting your network.
  • Mobility benefits of truly unwired/wireless Internet.
  • Competitive Pricing.


When it comes to Switching, We're Fast. Superfast.