• An interactive kiosk is a hardware device with specialized integrated software and an intuitive interface that provides engaging information and enables users to conduct certain transactions. The core feature of such a solution is self-service, meaning that users get the necessary information, product or service whenever they want and independently of others.

Functions of Interactive Kiosks

People hate queuing, as it basically is a waste of time, but they are forced to stand in lines in various organizations quite often because of the necessity to perform certain activities. For this reason, self-service solutions have been introduced as great time-savers. Being highly customizable, digital kiosks can act as remote representatives of companies in various sectors, replacing a range of services that are traditionally carried out manually. Touch-screen kiosks perform the following functions

  • Making payments (via card or cash)
  • Providing help information
  • Placing orders
  • Buying retail goods
  • Printing
  • Wayfinding
  • Advertising
  • Providing internet access

Such machines are incredibly helpful for customers and beneficial for companies, especially when situated in high foot traffic locations such as shopping malls or airports.